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    1. Club Information

    To become a paid NJJC member, you must fill out an application and turn it in at any monthly NJJC meeting along with the initial membership fee of $50.

    The Membership renewal/application form is available to ...
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    Article I Name
    The name of this organization shall be "The North Jersey Jeep Club",
    hereinafter referred to as "The Club" or "NJJC". The Club has no official
    place of business. All official club notices addressed to NJJC may be
    mailed or hand delivered to any current officer.

    Article II Object
    NJJC is a non-profit organization existing under the laws of the state of
    New Jersey. The objective and purpose of the North Jersey Jeep Club is to
    provide social, recreational, and organized driving opportunities for Jeep
    owners, their families and guests.

    Article III Membership
    Section 1 - NJJC membership is limited to owners of Jeep brand vehicles.

    Section 2 Land Owner Membership is limited to land owners whom allow NJJC wheeling events on their respective property. Land Owner will have same rights as NJJC Member. Land Owner Only, is allowed to drive non-Jeep at NJJC events, but vehicle is required to pass published NJJC Tech Inspection.
    Section 3 Dues for the organization shall be set by NJJC officers per NJJC membership year May 1 to April 31. Any member whose dues are not paid by May 31 will be dropped from the rolls of the organization. Reinstatement shall be handled ...
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    1. Help and FAQs,
    2. Club Information

    What do I need to wheel with NJJC ?

    This is the short-list of the clubs' requirements on trailrides. The NJJC's Admin developed this list, based on experience, for the sake of safety and preparedness of all folks on NJJC rides.
    Published on 04-15-2011 05:45 AM
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    Erik Miller on his 2013 KOH Qualifyier

    A rediscovered work of JerseyJeeper

    some early footage Paragon & Rausch

    Some footage from the 2011 Spring Ride at Shamokin, PA
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    NJJC's 2011 Ultimate Adventure