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08-12-2010, 08:55 AM
Hey All,
I know its short notice but for anyone interested the MTA is helping host a picnic for about 30 returning men/women as follows.

Last night the MTA voted to give the Dover soldiers 250 $ towards a picnic at the Armory, We are welcome to attend, it is Late afternoon friday like 3 to 6 ish, i will post again, please bring a dish If U can, there will be 30 Soldiers there just returning from AT down at fort Dix, They just spent the last 2 weeks in tents in the sand :) They had to do one day on and one day off for showers Yeesh, Women one day Men the next, As most of U know I am the Treasurer for them as part of the FRG , family readiness Group, I fowrded 500 $ of FRG funds for fresh drinking water since they were supplied water buffaloes :) and they were tested each day but still were a little, well U know :) SO the Guard is throwing a BBQ for all 300 of the Battalion Tomorrow , but of course the Dover 30 Soldiers can not go because they need to return trucks , Oh well, SOOOO The MTA is chipping in for a BBQ for them ! As most of us know the Dover Unit has ben there for us time and time again, And Many of this Units retirees are and have been club members during and after service, and many that are still there are members also, So this is a no brainer, as usual, we are welcome and encouraged to stop by and have a bite and say Hi, almost all of them have at least done 2 tours in harms way and i mean these guys were in it, and are expected to go again, This is the Home of our first show and many followed there, There unselfish help each and every time was just increadable, Tents, bringing out the M1A1 !!!!! and so on. So If you would like to come on down and say hi or Thanks or just hang out and probably listen to some storys, bring a vehicle If u can and A dish if u like, Thanks All....Randy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please just show up or if U can let me know i am planning the food........I

Now I was contacted and told if anyone wants to bring there jeeps that would be cool !!! there will about 25 to 30 and if you come you are asked to bring some beer and/or bbq stuff.. I will be there early to help setup bbq etc.. Let me know if anyone is attending.