View Full Version : Ride For Charlie, Large event for my father.

11-02-2010, 11:19 AM
Id like to start off by giving a little background information on everything.

First off my names Charlie Kropp III, im 20 years old and been jeepin for 2 years now on my 2nd jeep, continuing to get bigger all the time. My dad has been the biggest inspiration to me in many ways. He use to offroad all the time and got me into he. Hes a master certified mechanic and has done or helped on all the work on my jeep along with teaching me everything. Last month my dad was involved in a terrible motorcycle accident which left him in the hospital with 2 broken arms and legs. At first they said they might have to amputate his left foot, then it got worse..Then said left leg below the knee..That later turned out to be above the knee. He had his left leg amputated a little above the knee. He has done very well in the hospital and is in very good spirits. I love my father more than anything and seeing him like this..well sucks. Alot of his friends, mine included, have gotten together to raise an event for him. The event will be at Tramontin Harley Davidson in Hope, NJ. It is not just a motorcycle event. Anyone is invited, all my friends and local jeep club are coming. I would like anyone here to come and possibly help out as much as possible. Its this saturday.

More information can be found at this website