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07-05-2011, 01:34 PM
Hey Everyone,

One of my contacts from another forum is also active with the SiS Offroad club out of Connecticut, and he invited me to their annual July event. I asked him for more details on the event and he gave me what they have on their forum.

It's the same weekend as our monthly club ride, so it'd be a great way to get out and help out another club and the military. If I can get at least one tire, I will be there.

Here's the info:
For those of you unfamiliar, Operation Enduring Realness started as an annual SiS event where we all gather at Rausch Creek in the middle of Summer, and a major part of the event is based around donations to our front line Marines/Soldiers. It is meant to be our biggest most organized run of the year.

For those of you familiar, you know the drill.

OER IV will take place this year on Friday July 22nd through Sunday July 24th.

Donations for a carepackage to US forces overseas are a mandatory part of this run, no minimum cost, but you must have something, its all in the spirit of the event.

This year we are looking to have the newly built pavilion at Rausch reserved for the club to use, as well as other stuff (competition stuff potentially for the club)

Big barbecue of course.

Carepackage Suggestion List.
Everyone please donate 3-5 dollars with your care package addition, it is to cover flat rate shipping overseas as it is not cheap to send all this. this was a major complication last year we didnt account for. thank you!
This ALL will be collected the run weekend.

*Batteries (double and triple A's)
*Any kind of individually wrapped candies/hard candies for example:
-(NO CHOCOLATE it melts)
-Jolly Ranchers
-Tootsie pops
*Jerky of any kind
*Ground coffee/coffee singles/tea bags/iced tea powder/individual flavored creamer packets
*Protein bars/powder
*Baked goods (easy to send and VERY appreciated!)
*1G Thumb drives (I have a bunch of them...found them for $3 a piece)
*SD cards (see above)
*Any snacky food - peanuts, cheetos, pretzels, microwave popcorn packets
*To go with that jars of salsa/tostido cheese (stuff you take for granted at home!)
*Disposable cameras (good for taking pics of themselves and sending the camera back to their loved ones at home to develop!)
*Baby wipes/disinfectant wipes (very useful!)
*Gatorade/energy drinks/tang powder
*Books/magazines (keep it clean because they can't receive anything that isn't) NO PORN MAGS THIS YEAR!
*Pens/paper/envelopes to write home with
*Decks of cards/travel games like checkers, guess who, stuff to pass the time
*Personal hygeine items like eyewash, nasal spray, chapstick (all good for wind+sand conditions), deoderent, soap, tp, foot powder, etc...the hygeine list goes on and is always needed
*Medicines like cold meds, asprin, tums, etc...anything from a medicine cabinet

07-05-2011, 08:40 PM
Does his invitation to you extend to the club for all 3 days?

07-06-2011, 09:55 AM
The more the merrier in terms of donations. I asked if I could post this on our club's forum and was given the green light. As for the bbq, etc, I can't speak to that ... yet. I am in the process of gathering this information, but I wanted to post the event and dates now so if there is any interest people would have time to plan ahead.

07-07-2011, 08:03 PM
A couple friends and i are heading there for a day wheelin. I will bring a care package for the event. anyone else who wants to join us is more than welcome..

we are doing blues and blacks.. only green we will see is to get to the other trails lol...