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TJ stock Subwoofer wiring

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  • TJ stock Subwoofer wiring

    I am looking for someone with a wiring diagram for a stock TJ subwoofer. i instaled a custom box, and amp in my YJ, but I have a TJ setup in my garage. i can't find any good wiring diagrams. i just need to know which wires are what, and i'll splice it into current system. my setup sounds greatm but as everyone knows jeeps are limited on space, and i like the stock woofer with an aftermarket stereo.
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    Ran into this last year when I replaced my head unit & I was left with not knowing where the factory sub gets connected. There is one wire (*maybe* it was the Orange one) that comes from the sub-woofer and it gets connected to the head unit's power antenna lead. This is on a Kenwood HU. The rest of the wiring for the factory sub goes through the rear speaker wiring somehow and is left alone.

    All of this info came from Crutchfield's tech support. Whatever premium I paid for the unit by buying from them was worth the installation kit & the tech support.

    If you need more details, I should be able to go through my e-mail archives & find the original message thread.


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