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    OK, so I read nothing but bad about OPTIMA now, wanted a SEARS DIEHARD PLATINUM/Oddysey but i read that they have stopped selling as well. What's everyone like for an AGM battery now? in fact, I haven't found any recent positive reviews of AGM Batteries on Pirate or Hardline Forums... Any good/bad experiences are appreciated. I need to replace the battery in my plow JEEP, and it will eventually swap over to my 5.3 powered YJ Crawler. Thanks in advance-
    Doug Thornton

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    I have the Diehard Platinum/Oddysey battery for my jeep. It worked great when the Jeep ran. I would let it sit and never had a starting issue, even in winter. Never used a charger on it. I still have it on a battery tender and use it for my trailer tug so its still used occasionally.

    In the end, I would not hesitate to buy an Oddysey battery, they are sweet!
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      I have the sears platinum. Didn't start the Jeep between WFTW and Oct 28th, didn't have any problems starting. I'd definitely spend the money on the Odyssey if something happened to my sears batt
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        All my vehicles get Wal-Mart special. Any that will sit extended time get trickle charger. Battery on CJ with winch no issue with rev'd RPMs.
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          I won an Oddysey battery a few years ago at our holiday party and it is great. It is currently in my plow Jeep and sits for long periods of time. The rig starts right up and the battery recovers real fast when plowing. Minimal light dimming during plow operation and it recovers almost instantly. Mentally stable has an regular AGM battery and is also an excellent choice. The AGM was in my Yukon but when I purchased the crawler it needed a battery and I still had the regular lead acid battery that came from the Yukon so that went back in it. After my crawler is rewired the Oddysey battery will probably go in that. If you get an OPTIMA get it locally and keep your receipt as the quality of those fell off when they were bought out by a bigger company. I vote regular AGM for a budget and Oddysey if you can afford it.
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            I have an interstate agm has been great
            I did have some starter problems a year or 2 ago that keep draining it
            it always charged back up
            since fixing starter no problems
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