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NJJC Monthly Trail Ride -- details here!!!

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  • NJJC Monthly Trail Ride -- details here!!!

    The Monthly NJJC Trail Ride is held the Sunday following the monthly meeting.

    The ride usually takes place at Rausch creek or AOAA.
    members are responsible for there own entrance fees
    If you are interested in going on the monthly ride please comment below.

    This ride is open to all NJJC MEMBERS*. Please post up below if you plan to attend. If you can't make it, we're bummed, but please don't post here if you're not going. If your Jeep has not been tech inspected by an approved member (Trail Guide), please contact one at the monthly meeting before the ride so that you will have the necessary safety equipment needed to wheel with NJJC.

    Tech and Safety Requirements:
    1. Must have front and rear tow points
    2. Must have a tow strap - NO Straps with metal hooks!!
    3. Must have a Fire Extinguisher
    4. Must have seatbelts and/or harnesses
    5. Must have a muffler.
    6. All Jeeps not equipped with beadlocks or some means of repairing a flat or damaged tire must carry a full-sized spare and a jack and lug wrench capable of changing tires.
    7. Must have a first aid kit
    8. Battery must be bolted down - NO bungee cords
    9. Any and ALL gear within the vehicle must be strapped down with RATCHET straps - NO bungee cords
    10. Functioning CB Radio or GMRS Radio

    Rules that always apply:
    The TRAIL GUIDE IS IN CHARGE. No exceptions. Failing to abide by any decisions made by the trail guide that are made for the safety and enjoyment of the entire group can and will result in dismissal from the trail ride.

    Seatbelts or harnesses will be worn by the driver and pasenger of every Jeep. No exceptions.

    Keep all extremities (Including the one on your shoulders) inside the vehicle at all times.

    Keep the Jeep behind you in sight at all times. If you do not see the Jeep behind you, or the Jeep behind you comes to a stop, STOP. Sound your horn to alert the group ahead of you of the situation.

    Don't tailgate. Keep a few vehicle lengths between your vehicle and the vehicle in front of you. It will prevent the vehicle from rolling into you and give them more room in the event that they need to back up to take another line.

    Off road driving is inherently dangerous, especially when it is done haphazardly. Ultimately, YOU are responsible for yourself and your pasenger(s). Exercise good judgement when approaching obstacles or challenges. NJJC, its members, and its executive board are not responsible for damage done to any Jeep or, worse, any person.

    Any behavior that is deemed unsafe or disruptive will not be tolerated and will result in expulsion from the trail ride. Trail Guides reserve the right to remove anyone from their group for any behavior that they deem inappropriate.

    Trail Etiquette: What is expected of Trailride Participants

    1) Keep the vehicle behind you in (your rear) view AT ALL TIMES where the terrain allows!

    2) Move lead vehicles far enough ahead of an obstacle to allow all vehicles in group to clear the obstacle.

    3) If all else fails, use horn to signal other participants/guides

    4) One’s Jeep MUST be trail worthy. It is considered improper to need to perform routine maintenance on the trail. Please prepare beforehand.

    5) When leaving staging area, shift transfercase into appropriate gear.

    6) Disconnect the vehicles sway bars.

    7) Must lower the pressure in all four of the vehicles tires. It is suggested to go below 20lbs for starters. This is done to aid in traction and to allow for a smoother and more controlled ride.

    8) When in a difficult obstacle, listen to the ‘spotter’.

    9) Only one person shall be the spotter. If you have a suggestion for the driver, then suggest it to the spotter.

    Safety Inspection - Vehicle must be road/trail worthy, this includes:

    1) Brakes and throttle are working properly

    2) Main components (body, frame, suspension) has been visually checked and is in good working order.

    3) Steering system is in good working order

    4) Tires are appropriate for the event and have the proper air pressure for the event. This includes the tires having a more aggressive read and being deflated for improved traction.

    5) Battery secured with clamp/steel strap. No rubber straps/bungees

    6) Exhaust must include a muffler and be functional

    7) Driver must have good visibility- no cracked windshields. Nothing obstructing view

    8) Full size spare tire or means to repair a tire on trail.

    9) All cargo & tools held down with straps not just bungee straps


    Rausch Creek as of 3/31/2019
    Membership Rausch Creek Off Road Park is a membership-based facility. There are no pre-requisites or waiting lists. All drivers and passengers must sign a membership application & liability waiver. Drivers and passengers age 16 and up are required to become members of the park which costs $20 per year. This is a seasonal membership running through 12/31. Those joining in Oct/Dec will receive a membership through 12/31 of the following year. Membership cards are given out when you join.
    Minors - Children age 15 and younger are free, however, we require a parental waiver. All members under the age of 18 also require a parental waiver.
    Admission - The daily entrance fee is $50 for the vehicle and driver. Passengers age 16 and up are $10 each day (when a passenger joins the park, the $10 fee is waived that day).

    Getting to Rausch:

    Interstate 80
    Groups usually meet at Exit 4 (in NJ) at around 6:00AM-6:15AM, and then roll out of the truck stop at around 6:30AM.

    I-80 West to I-81 South to Exit 107. When you get to the end of the exit ramp, make a right onto Route 209. Go about a mile, and then turn left onto Molleystown Road. You're going to bear to the left a bit, go infront of a set of houses that are pretty close together, and then make a another left onto Molleystown Road. Stay on Molleystown Road for about .25 - .5 and you'll see the entrance on your right hand side.

    Interstate 78
    Groups usually meet at the Welcome Center as soon as you cross into PA. When approaching the toll plaza, stay all the way to the right and as soon as you're through the toll plaza turn into the Welcome Center.

    Take I-78 West to I-81 North to Exit 107. At the end of the Exit Ramp turn right. Go about a mile, and then hang a left onto Molleystown Road. You're going to bear to the left a bit, go infront of a set of houses that are pretty close together, and then make a another left onto Molleystown Road. Stay on Molleystown Road for about .25 - .5 and you'll see the entrance on your right hand side.

    AOAA as of 3/31/2019
    • 4100 State Route 125 Coal Township, PA 17866
    • (570) 648-2626
    Single Day Pass $30 Child $15 Two Day Pass* $45 child $14

    Please bring the following with you to check-in at the Welcome Center:
    1. Complete the online waiver before coming to the trailhead.
    2. Provide photo ID upon arrival. Under the age of 18 must provide legal guardian’s consent.
    • It is recommended that full-size vehicles travel the trails in groups of two or more vehicles.
    • While riding; At least one person in each group must have a charged and working cell phone in their possession.
    • We ask that you download the app Maprika on your cell phone. Once downloaded, search for AOAA Eastern and Western Reserve maps.
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