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--- Suggestions On Posting Here -- Please Read!!!

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  • --- Suggestions On Posting Here -- Please Read!!!

    Please consider this an area for a blog on your vehicle--

    We have visitors coming here to find info on their specific vehicle. Having all your mods in one thread will be helpful to them and helpful to us (by keeping it uncluttered).

    So make it your own thread on the mods you make to your Jeep!

    Please state the model (CJ, XJ, Commando, etc) in the title, to help in identification.

    If you have already created a few threads on different upgrades to your Jeep, please consider consolidating them all into one. Again, it will help concentrate the vehicle specific mods for those with a like vehicle and it will keep this area from getting too cluttered. I'll be happy to help with the consolidation, just let me know what you want to do!

    Sooner or later we will consolidate and identify them, unless you beat us to it. ;)

    'Tall' Peter -- Former NJ Resident
    1962 CJ-5 ~ 1984 CJ-7 ~ 2008 JKUR ~ R/C Toys

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    And please no hijacking other people's thread's.