Problems with 2014 Jeep Cherokee

Problems with 2014 Jeep Cherokee and Their Fixes

My uncle’s 2014 Jeep Cherokee had a long-lasting life and worked efficiently well over the years until its engine refused to kickstart one morning. We carried out several a survey and had the vehicle evaluated by an expert.

This article lists the common problems with 2014 Jeep Cherokee, and how to troubleshoot and fix them.

What Are Common Problems with 2014 Jeep Cherokee?

These are the top 7 Problems with 2014 Jeep Cherokee:

  1. Transmission Problems.
  2. Engine Stalling.
  3. Radio Problems.
  4. Reliability Issues.
  5. Life Expectancy.
  6. Rough Shifting.
  7. Faulty Airbags.

Top 7 Common Problems with 2014 Jeep Cherokee

If you’re thinking of buying a used vehicle, chances are good you’ll be paying close attention to the condition of your new car before you buy it. However, there are some common problems that don’t get nearly enough attention. Whether you’re considering a used Jeep Grand Cherokee or something else, we’ve compiled a list of the top seven most frequently reported problems with the 2014 model year.

Here’s a look at the top seven:

  • The transmission is slipping.
  • There’s excessive noise inside the cabin.
  • A coolant leak has occurred.
  • It’s not very smooth driving over rough terrain.
  • Some drivers say their vehicle won’t start.
  • This vehicle can be difficult to parallel park.
  • An unusual smell emanates from the driver’s seat.



One of the most common problems that you might encounter with your 2014 Jeep Cherokee is the problem with the transmission. The transmission in this car allows you to shift gears as you drive. However, it can be damaged by driving on rough roads or through mud puddles. When this happens, you’ll need to replace the transmission fluid and the filter.

Check out my article to read more on the 2014- 2015 Jeep Cherokee Transmission Problems.

This is a list of all the engine-related problems that have been reported by owners of the 2014 Jeep Cherokee.:

  1. No Start/Stall-Engine Not Starting Or Stall. Fix: Check Fuel Filter
  2. No Start/No Starter. Fix: Battery Is Dead.
  3. Engine Won’t Turn Over At All.
  4. Poor Idle Quality.
  5. Engine Will Run But Has A Bad Sound.
  6. Oil Pressure Light Comes On.
  7. Cranks When Tapped.
  8. High RPM Noise From Transmission.
  9. Cuts Out After Driving For 1 Mile.
  10. Engine Doesn’t Shut Off Properly.
  11. Ignition Flickering.
  12. Engine Shuts Down While Driving.
  13. Engine Makes Grinding Sounds And Runs Rough.
  14. Engine Won’t Stay Started.
  15. Engine Idles Fine, Then Suddenly Starts Making Loud Thumping Noise.
  16. Engine Turns Over, But Does Not Start.

The above-mentioned fixes should help you fix the small engine problems, but for most of the engine related issues on your Jeep Cherokee 2014 model, you will need to take the vehicle to a mechanic.


Users have reported that gear shifting from 1-3 becomes very hard sometimes and it is very difficult to shift the gears swiftly.

This could be due to a number of things, including a worn gearbox or a faulty shifter with your 2014 JEEP CHEROKEE.


It seems like Jeep is having a lot of trouble with its new car models. For example, the company recently announced that it was recalling 1.3 million vehicles due to faulty airbag inflators. This means that the problem could affect people who have purchased certain cars from 2013 through 2015.

This recall comes just months after the company recalled another model of vehicle because of a similar issue. The first recall affected nearly 100,000 SUVs and trucks, while the second involved more than 200,000 Jeeps.

If you own one of these vehicles, then you should contact your dealer immediately. If they don’t fix the problem for you, you can take matters into your own hands by contacting Chrysler directly. You may also want to consider filing a lawsuit against the manufacturer if your problems are serious enough.

In addition to the recalls, there has been some bad news for consumers. According to Consumer Reports magazine, many people are reporting that their 2014 Jeep Cherokees aren’t working properly. In fact, it seems like a number of drivers have experienced issues with their airbags.


Frequent radio errors don’t look like a huge issue when it comes to the decision of purchasing the 2014 Jeep, but it might be a bigger problem for some users.

To fix Radio issues with a 2014 Jeep Cherokee:

  • Radio is turned off or off by accident.
  • There is interference from other electronics in the area
  • Check for antenna position.
  • Check if the battery is low or dead.


Jeep Cherokee reliability issues can be traced back to the vehicle’s inception in 1984. The Cherokee has been known for its problematic design and engineering, which has caused numerous reliability issues.

Jeep Cherokee reliability issues can be caused by a number of things, including faulty mechanics and poor quality parts. If you experience any problems with your Cherokee, be sure to bring it in for a checkup.

AC is an important reliability factor, so check out this Jeep Air Conditioning Bypass guide if you are facing any such issues.


Jeep Cherokee owners may experience a number of life expectancy issues with their vehicles. Some common LIFE EXPECTANCY problems include:

  • Rust.
  • A defective airbag.
  • A faulty engine.


If you’ve owned a 2014 Jeep Cherokee, chances are you’ve run into problems with 2014 Jeep Cherokee at one point or another. Luckily, we’ve got some solutions to help you solve these problems and get back on the road!

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